Legal Resources

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Nov 282011
Legal Resources

These are some listings I have put together of some great legal resources. Some of these links are meant to people seeking legal advice, other links are more geared towards lawyers.

 American Bar Association – The leading association for lawyers in the United States with nearly 400,000 members. They provide law school accreditation, legal education, and programs that can assist judges and lawyers in their work.

Lawyer Labor Statistics – This is the Lawyer occupational outlook handbook provided by the United States of America Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is an interesting study showing that about 26 percent of lawyers are self-employed.

Harvard Law School – Harvard Law is one of the greatest law schools in the world. When you think of law schools, you think of Harvard Law. 1,900 students attend each year.

Yale Law School – Located in New Haven, Connecticut, Yale Law School is one of the premier law school’s in the entire world. Law Directory – A great resource for other legal and lawyer resources. has a very large listing of resources.

Avoiding Bankruptcy Legally – This is an article from Findlaw that discusses budgeting techniques to avoid legal bankruptcy proceedings.


Law Firms

This section is a listing of some great law firms that I have had a pleasure of dealing with over the years. I will be updating this section from time to time.

Green & Kapsos Law Offices – Located in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Green & Kapsos are lawyers practicing family law, bankrutpcy law, criminal defense, and foreclosure law.


Legal Search Engines

This section is a listing of some very good legal search engines that I have used.

Lexis Web – Lexis Web is a free online legal research search engine. It will search all types of legal content.

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